About Me

Striving to be more than whats in my Twitter profile. Most people call me Tony. I started this blog in my early to mid-twenties and while I’m definitely older, I can certainly say that I’m definitely not wiser.

I’m a quiet home body and borderline hermit. I spend my time pursuing irrelevant ideas, consuming media and reading comics. I prefer to watch movies that don’t make you think, pornography that does make you think, old-school Shaw Brother’s Kung Fu films and playing third person RPG video games.

When I’m not sleep, you should be able to find me on most social networking platforms, taking pictures of my food or myself shirtless.

About NegroVsNerd.com

Essentially designed on a Etch a Sketch monitor connected to a EasyBake Oven pc tower with a 28.8k Talk With Me Sesame Street Phone modem. Really. Honest to God it was. This site came about because I wanted to establish a presence on the web where I could showcase my ideas and discombobulated ramblings that bounce around in my head.

Initially this started out with as simple page on Geocities, relying on the guestbook to share information and thoughts. From there I hardcoded HTML pages with the my own domain name. For awhile I had stopped writing online because of the lack of time I could devote to a website. But around the mid-2000s, a lot of friends and co-workers kept asking why I didn’t have a webpage. So I started this site, simply to see if I could again but mostly to shut everybody up.


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