Ketchup, Catsup or Catch Up? pt. 1

Like I said earlier, it’s been about 53 days since my last post, and while a lot of shit has been happened, I just didn’t have any time to sit down and write it all out. So I guess since I’m sitting here at work on a night shift (Again) with nothing excited to do but listen to the hum of a file server back up I could detail my Summer so far…After my last rejection notice from iCompany, I put the job hunt on hold. I was still getting requests to go out on interviews with various companies but at the time my heart was just not into it. So I settled back into work, playing Tomb Raider Anniversary and trying to date which was great until NIPSCO decided to show it nuts again and disconnected my power. To that all I can say is never believe anything a CS rep will tell you over the phone. Do everything in person, people are less likely to blatantly lie to your face. In spite of all this adversary, I kept my head up. I spent the two weeks without power going to the gym, going to the movies, going out to dinner with friends. Now before anyone starts asking how I was able to do all if I can’t pay my bill, truth be told, my Power bill is roughly $130 a month due to a payment plan where you only pay a fix amount until your anniversary date. On June 11th I got my bill for $130 before the taxes and on June 18th my power was off and I owed NIPSCO $1150. Apparently NIPSCO reserves the right to turn off you power at anytime without notice it also seems they have to right to completely butt-ream their customers too. But I digress. So in light of that, I had money I just didn’t have $1200 sitting around and I intended on enjoying myself, because I wasn’t going to get depressed over this.I tried to go to Chicago Pride this year and I really wish I could I enjoyed myself. But after walking around for a few minutes watching lesbians set up some type of shanty town and ‘girls’ popping their gum and applying another layer of sparkle lip gloss, I was too through and just went home. I enjoyed myself a little more at Windy City Black Pride. Spent the day passing out bags of candy with my Fraternity’s info on the side. But it became more somber the next day as I found out that one of my chapter Brothers who had just crossed this spring, Anthony, had passed.