I Watched Basketball Wives Today…

… And I felt a part of my soul die.


As I’ve gotten older I realized that being jealous of anyone else’s success is counter-productive to my own success and happiness. And before I continue I have to say that I’m using the term jealous in the looses way because I refuse to believe that these basic-ass chicks on this show should warranty any emotion from anyone but pity.

I prayed that I would never get to see this show but for the last month its all that my best friend and my roommates have been talking about. Tonight I finally sat down and witnessed the incessant drama, bitchiness, the gaudiness… and frankly it all made me a little sick. So excuse me, I have to go continue to projectile vomit.

You’re Such An Asshole!

Since being an adult and coming into my own, I’ve pretty much heard that statement above and I have no qualms in agreeing with it. I am an asshole, and very unapologetic about being one. But while admitting that I can be pretty inconsiderate, pig headed, self absorb and very unconcerned with your feelings, I’m not that way intentionally.

Ok… maybe I am