Dust In My Eyes

So I’ve managed to import an old backup of this blog and restore move than 500 entries and about 700 comments. Never realized there was so much here but I guess 600MB sql file should have been a clue.

So as I’m importing the entries and cleaning up old image tags and dead links, I start to read a few of these old posts. I was a hot ass mess during my twenties. But who isn’t? I reminisced, I laughed out loud a few times, my eyes even watered up. With the database issues I was having before, I used it as way to have a clean slate. Everything is about Tumblr and Snapchat, who cares about domain hosted blogs anymore? In the few hours I spent going through comments and posts, I remembered why these are important. Like a photo album, its good to go back and see how you’ve change, grown and mature.

Luckily, I don’t like my keyboard get me in trouble as it did back then.

Queue The Theme From M.A.S.H

I’ve been in a somber mood as of late. Money has been tight like wearing a medium t-shirt, I’ve been trying to move without having found a place to move into and the boyfriend has non-existent in my life for the last couple weeks. And the realization that I haven’t had any ass since December ’07 is making my dick mad at me. 

That suicide is painless, it brings on many changes, and I can take or leave it if I please…

For the last month and a half, I’ve been staying a friend’s house in the city. And I’m so grateful that he’s opened up his home to me, but I feel so fucked up about the situation. There’s something about a grown ass man sitting up in another grown ass man space like he lives there. Also I really don’t know how I can express my gratitude without forking over a wad of cash. Again money is tight. 

That suicide is painless, it brings on many changes, and I can take or leave it if I please…

In the time that I’ve been staying with my friend, I’ve started taking the bus to work. At first I did this because, I was without my car for 3 weeks because bad brakes but now with gasoline running about $4:15 a gallon, I been hopping on good ol’ PACE and CTA. And while public transportation is a good thing, its great for the environment but them bastards made me late to work on several occasions. Late clock-ins mean less money.

That suicide is painless, it brings on many changes, and I can take or leave it if I please…

Boredom has a grip on me. I spend most my time of, either packing or watching progress bars. Bit Torrent has become my new best friend and fuck buddy. The amount of music and porn I’ve download, I mean obtain is scary. I’ve broke the 10,000 mark for music tracks in iTunes and my porn collection has officially because criminal. Essentially I’ve barded my porn to my friend to stay at his place. He’s actually watched one move a night, just about every night I’ve been at his place and he has yet to reach the end of the collection or watch the same movie twice. That’s how much porn I have now. I know I need help.

That suicide is painless, it brings on many changes, and I can take or leave it if I please…

Still Playing Catch Up

Its almost been two months and where have I been? The short answer: Everywhere and Nashville! Since Thanksgiving my car, the Mean Green Piece ‘O’ Shit Machine, died on me twice. The first time the fuel pump went out, and 3 weeks later it was the starter that died. I was use the drive to Schaumburg, but evidently the Neon was not. So for a Christmas gift to myself I went out a got a 2002 silver 2nd generation Neon. Me and my Mopar. It has low milage and only cost me 7 grand. Its nice, but its not that PS3 and souped MacBook Pro I wanted.

Work is going great. Right after the holiday season ended I had got transfered to another Apple Store. I’m at new store thats a little smaller than Woodfield and a lot more closer to home. I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks getting use to the clientele and I think I’m definitely going to like Orland Square Mall. Now only if they had a better food court.

On the personal front, I’ve started dating again and I’m a couple of weeks strong into a good thing. Its really refreshing to have someone who actually wants to communicate and genuinely cares. If i can only get them to play GH3 with me, it would be great.

Ketchup, Catsup or Catch Up? pt. 1

Like I said earlier, it’s been about 53 days since my last post, and while a lot of shit has been happened, I just didn’t have any time to sit down and write it all out. So I guess since I’m sitting here at work on a night shift (Again) with nothing excited to do but listen to the hum of a file server back up I could detail my Summer so far…After my last rejection notice from iCompany, I put the job hunt on hold. I was still getting requests to go out on interviews with various companies but at the time my heart was just not into it. So I settled back into work, playing Tomb Raider Anniversary and trying to date which was great until NIPSCO decided to show it nuts again and disconnected my power. To that all I can say is never believe anything a CS rep will tell you over the phone. Do everything in person, people are less likely to blatantly lie to your face. In spite of all this adversary, I kept my head up. I spent the two weeks without power going to the gym, going to the movies, going out to dinner with friends. Now before anyone starts asking how I was able to do all if I can’t pay my bill, truth be told, my Power bill is roughly $130 a month due to a payment plan where you only pay a fix amount until your anniversary date. On June 11th I got my bill for $130 before the taxes and on June 18th my power was off and I owed NIPSCO $1150. Apparently NIPSCO reserves the right to turn off you power at anytime without notice it also seems they have to right to completely butt-ream their customers too. But I digress. So in light of that, I had money I just didn’t have $1200 sitting around and I intended on enjoying myself, because I wasn’t going to get depressed over this.I tried to go to Chicago Pride this year and I really wish I could I enjoyed myself. But after walking around for a few minutes watching lesbians set up some type of shanty town and ‘girls’ popping their gum and applying another layer of sparkle lip gloss, I was too through and just went home. I enjoyed myself a little more at Windy City Black Pride. Spent the day passing out bags of candy with my Fraternity’s info on the side. But it became more somber the next day as I found out that one of my chapter Brothers who had just crossed this spring, Anthony, had passed.