My Inner Struggle


Everyday I struggle over the same thing with myself: Go to the gym or Sit on my ass. Tonight, my lazy half will win.

A/S/L – Beta Testing Tony

asl_tshirtI saw this AOL throwback on twitter and it actually got me in the mood to write something. After writing it, I realize how ultimately depressing it seems and that was so not my intention. So while there are many negatives list below please know that I’m staying positive and keeping my head up. Here’s the breakdown;

Age – I turn 30 this year, yet I don’t feel like that much time has past since I turned 21. But then it hit me, I came across one of my little cousins Facebook page. I distinctly remember going to one of his an his twin sister’s 6th or 7th birthday parties as a kid. He’s in his twenties now, in college and pledged Phi Beta Sigma. Feels like everyone is growing up but me. I’m still sitting around reading comics, watching Spongebob and playing video games while everyone else is living, getting careers being ADULTS. Continue reading »

Random Bitch-Fest

Late Summer my ass…

Week after week, been praying and hoping that a little piece of archaic cellular technology would be delivered to what is suppose to be the most advance smart phone… But at last, like a Jewish child on Christmas, no abundance of gifts and joy, just dreidels and chocolate coins. (No offense to anyone of the Jewish faith, just a really bad analogy.)


AT&T promised mult-imedia message (MMS) and damn it, I want it. Of course after the buzz of having MMS dies down (like 2 hours) I’ll never use the feature again, but for a $100 cell phone bill AT&T needs to pony the hell up. Both AT&T and Apple need to stop ass-raping customers and provide the services promised or start issuing credits and refunds. Actually not only do I want be compensated at this point, I want a written apology from everyone involved with the iphone. From the lowly sales rep at my local AT&T store, the fake ass smiling people at the Apple Store (burning bridges again) all the way up to Steve Jobs and Randall Stephenson.

Oh and if iPhone tethering ends up costing more that $20 to the consumer, I’m going to do something very not nice.