Still Playing DCUO

Asides: Fun Times

Hailed as one of the greatest video game systems in history, but growing up I never had one.


Before you start to feel bad for me, I had game systems, from a Sega Master System, the original NES, the Sega Genesis with the Sega CD, the original Playstation, the Sega Dreamcast and a Playstation 2. But the one I’ve never had was the Super Nintendo. Until recently and thanks to the Macintosh emulator SNES9x, the joypad iOS app and a handy USB SNES controller from Urban Outfitters, I get to relive all the Mario-esque childhood experiences I missed out on…



“We’ll kill things, blow things up, it’ll be fun!”

My Lameness Knows No Bounds Parts 6, 7 & 8


Don’t ask why I bought this game, or why I’m actually playing it, plastic guitar and all. But I’ve actually learned something interesting; my pinky finger won’t move unless I move my ringer finger and after five minutes of playing the room will start to spin and the Tetris Effect kicks in.

Still Alive, But Nothing New

It’s spring. The weather is getting better, the days are longer and I spend more time planning to do things than actually doing anything; thus why I haven’t been around.Well that’s not entirely true. I have been going out as much as my limited resources will allow.

I’m still getting in a few hours of community service a month, seeking treatment for my bit torrent withdrawal and desperately trying to get through the end game challenges on God of War 2. One thing I thought I would never do was create a Myspace page. I really don’t know why I did it. I partially blame the influence of that the dark side has over me. It’s a service that offers absolutely nothing to me, but yet I log in daily.

In the process of creating my Myspace page, I removed my Yahoo! 360 account. Essentially I completely ditched all Yahoo! services except for mail. As I’m typing this out, I sitting here wondering what this means, I said before that only people on Myspace were fourteen year old girls and the perverts who prey on them. So does this mean I’m a 14 year old girl?