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My Inner Struggle


Everyday I struggle over the same thing with myself: Go to the gym or Sit on my ass. Tonight, my lazy half will win.

Yes, I’m Still Alive, Kicking & Now 30 Y.O.


Too Little, Too Late?

I was coming back from a recent outing of indulgence of fried chicken and general fat-assness, and on the way home while waiting on the bus something caught my eye. Standing on the corner of 79th & Jeffery, there’s this little women’s clothing store and on the door was this posting.


My first thought was “Was this too little too late?” I mean completely understand the reasoning behind people taking a stand and trying to make their community a safer and better place. In most neighborhoods within the southside of Chicago, the corner convienence store is anything but a convienence. It’s the local hang out for the pushers, dealers, hypes, crackheads, drunks and the homeless. But is it fair to say that the proprietors are the cause for the downfall on the urban neighborhood? What I get from this window posting is that without the corner store, there wouldn’t be any urban decay and I know that’s not right…

Yep, Still Lame

Modeling all the Lantern Rings from Blackest Night