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To one of the greatest under-utilized X-Men characters…

Giant-Size X-Men #1 (May 1975) – X-Force #26 (April 2010)

A/S/L – Beta Testing Tony

asl_tshirtI saw this AOL throwback on twitter and it actually got me in the mood to write something. After writing it, I realize how ultimately depressing it seems and that was so not my intention. So while there are many negatives list below please know that I’m staying positive and keeping my head up. Here’s the breakdown;

Age – I turn 30 this year, yet I don’t feel like that much time has past since I turned 21. But then it hit me, I came across one of my little cousins Facebook page. I distinctly remember going to one of his an his twin sister’s 6th or 7th birthday parties as a kid. He’s in his twenties now, in college and pledged Phi Beta Sigma. Feels like everyone is growing up but me. I’m still sitting around reading comics, watching Spongebob and playing video games while everyone else is living, getting careers being ADULTS. Continue reading »

Yep, Still Lame

Modeling all the Lantern Rings from Blackest Night

Mickey Senses Tingling!


The Walt Disney Company is buying Marvel Comics… Not sure about how I feel about this. Granted this is a great opportunity for Marvel get out of the financial issues it’s had since the late nineties. I’m a believer that the only way DC has survived this long was the ownership by Time/Warner. Maybe this will be a good thing… as long as next company crossover isn’t “The House of M vs The House of Mouse.”

I Hate Scott Pilgram


If one more person tells me about how great Scott Pilgram, using the analogy “the Harry Potter of comics,” I’m going to projectile vomit.