So I Lack Home Training

So if you happen to know me, I mean really, really know me, you have a general understanding that I’m a damn fool. I believe I’ve mention before that I have this question. A question of ignant, that it doesn’t deserve the correct spelling of ignorant. First the back story:

On some rare occasion I happen to find myself at a the local Walgreens/CVS/24 hour drug store in the middle of the night. As a level of security, these establishments usually have some type of armed guard on duty, and in most cases its an on-duty policer officer/deputy. And it never fails that each and every time I’m in a 24 hour drug store with a cop on duty, the cop is paying more attention to macking on the female cashier than trying to serve and protect. So from these situations and in my cracks head, I thought of something. A question that I believe to be so offensive that I feared being arrested for asking it. And the question is-

“As an uniform officer, how much play/trim/action/ass/pussy/whatever you get just by wearing the uniform?”

So tonight as I was leaving the Prop House, I headed into the neighbor Walgreens, to get some store branded ibuprofen and without fail there was a uniformed officer, macking on the female cashier. There wasn’t a lot of people in the store and after the couple of drinks I had, my liquid courage was in full effect. So I circle around the store a few times, just to wait to see if he would stop talking to the cashier. After 20 minutes or so, I must have look pretty suspect as I kept walking around and eyeing him. So he approached me and asked if everything was alright, I replied and asked if it was alright to ask him something. I threw out some fluff questions to butter him up, asking if he was married or something similar to it. And then I politely apologize and said ” This might offend you, but its been on my mind…” and I laid it on him. 

He immediately busted into laughter, it was too the point where he shed a tear. He wiped his eye and calmly said “I’ve gotten a few numbers, but nothing to brag about.” He chuckled a few more times to himself and said that I made his night. 

So I finally got an answer, but I guess that it would be poll multiple cops and see the variance in their answers but maybe I’m ‘nerd-ing’ it too much.