The Anti-Social Network


Rumors about me being naked on the Internet are completely false… I’m only half naked on the Internet.

I’ve been switching gears and living a little out of the box when it comes to social networks lately. I’m on the verge of deleting several networking accounts, because either I fail to care about the site, ignore the site entirely or initially signed up due to social pressure. Recently I have come into the understanding that ultimately I am not a social animal, whether it’s in person or virtually. So what does that mean? Well, as the year finishes out, I’ll be evaluating all the sites and networks that I’m a member of and determining whether or not membership is fruitful, beneficial or even necessary. Right now I know that sites like Flickr and Qik are getting the ax immediately. I have nothing against those sites, but I’m not sharing as many photos and videos to necessitate membership and I’m using other sites to do the same functions. I feel as if I’m spread a little too thin across too many social sites and things get neglected like Negro Vs Nerd. So right now, I’m have log in credentials for 10-12 social networking sites and hopefully I can narrow that number down to 5-6.

BTW… the reason for the skin on Tumblr? I’m grown and you only live once it’s a lesson in self-acceptance.

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