The Anti-Social Network


Rumors about me being naked on the Internet are completely false… I’m only half naked on the Internet.

I’ve been switching gears and living a little out of the box when it comes to social networks lately. I’m on the verge of deleting several networking accounts, because either I fail to care about the site, ignore the site entirely or initially signed up due to social pressure. Recently I have come into the understanding that ultimately I am not a social animal, whether it’s in person or virtually. So what does that mean? Well, as the year finishes out, I’ll be evaluating all the sites and networks that I’m a member of and determining whether or not membership is fruitful, beneficial or even necessary. Right now I know that sites like Flickr and Qik are getting the ax immediately. I have nothing against those sites, but I’m not sharing as many photos and videos to necessitate membership and I’m using other sites to do the same functions. I feel as if I’m spread a little too thin across too many social sites and things get neglected like Negro Vs Nerd. So right now, I’m have log in credentials for 10-12 social networking sites and hopefully I can narrow that number down to 5-6.

BTW… the reason for the skin on Tumblr? I’m grown and you only live once it’s a lesson in self-acceptance.

Can’t Give It Away


I really wish I could explain what Google Wave is, what it does, or even how to use it, but I can’t. I have a lot of invites for Google Wave and I can’t even give them away.

This will probably be the last time I’ll bring it up, but I want to have fun trying to get rid of these invites. So here’s the deal, I’m willing to barter something for an invite but not just anything. I want some trivia, random X-Men trivia. Just leave it in the comments of this post and if its good, I’ll bounce you an invite.

Still Alive, But Nothing New

It’s spring. The weather is getting better, the days are longer and I spend more time planning to do things than actually doing anything; thus why I haven’t been around.Well that’s not entirely true. I have been going out as much as my limited resources will allow.

I’m still getting in a few hours of community service a month, seeking treatment for my bit torrent withdrawal and desperately trying to get through the end game challenges on God of War 2. One thing I thought I would never do was create a Myspace page. I really don’t know why I did it. I partially blame the influence of that the dark side has over me. It’s a service that offers absolutely nothing to me, but yet I log in daily.

In the process of creating my Myspace page, I removed my Yahoo! 360 account. Essentially I completely ditched all Yahoo! services except for mail. As I’m typing this out, I sitting here wondering what this means, I said before that only people on Myspace were fourteen year old girls and the perverts who prey on them. So does this mean I’m a 14 year old girl?