Still Alive, But Nothing New

It’s spring. The weather is getting better, the days are longer and I spend more time planning to do things than actually doing anything; thus why I haven’t been around.Well that’s not entirely true. I have been going out as much as my limited resources will allow.

I’m still getting in a few hours of community service a month, seeking treatment for my bit torrent withdrawal and desperately trying to get through the end game challenges on God of War 2. One thing I thought I would never do was create a Myspace page. I really don’t know why I did it. I partially blame the influence of that the dark side has over me. It’s a service that offers absolutely nothing to me, but yet I log in daily.

In the process of creating my Myspace page, I removed my Yahoo! 360 account. Essentially I completely ditched all Yahoo! services except for mail. As I’m typing this out, I sitting here wondering what this means, I said before that only people on Myspace were fourteen year old girls and the perverts who prey on them. So does this mean I’m a 14 year old girl?

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No. It means you want to be a 14 year old girl. Just like the rest of us Myspace folks.

…I’m going over to Myspace now. I’ll see you there?

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