Still Playing Catch Up

Its almost been two months and where have I been? The short answer: Everywhere and Nashville! Since Thanksgiving my car, the Mean Green Piece ‘O’ Shit Machine, died on me twice. The first time the fuel pump went out, and 3 weeks later it was the starter that died. I was use the drive to Schaumburg, but evidently the Neon was not. So for a Christmas gift to myself I went out a got a 2002 silver 2nd generation Neon. Me and my Mopar. It has low milage and only cost me 7 grand. Its nice, but its not that PS3 and souped MacBook Pro I wanted.

Work is going great. Right after the holiday season ended I had got transfered to another Apple Store. I’m at new store thats a little smaller than Woodfield and a lot more closer to home. I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks getting use to the clientele and I think I’m definitely going to like Orland Square Mall. Now only if they had a better food court.

On the personal front, I’ve started dating again and I’m a couple of weeks strong into a good thing. Its really refreshing to have someone who actually wants to communicate and genuinely cares. If i can only get them to play GH3 with me, it would be great.

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I stay down the street from Orland Square! I’ll have to come visit!

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