I’m A City-Boy Again

Just some party small talk I had not too long ago…

Them – You have an interesting accent, where are you from?
Me – I’m from the west side of Philly…
Them – Cool, how long you’ve been in Chicago?
Me – About 8 years now
Them – 8 Years? You ain’t from Philly anymore. After 8 years, you from Chicago now!

I posted this to say that I just signed a new lease for an new apartment on the south side of Chicago. I plan on moving first or second week in June. Its a nice little 1 bedroom near King drive. Now I know that some will say that I’m a fool for giving up my house. But I was never comfortable there, and the upkeep was a bitch. Plus now, that I’m moving to Illinois I get some money back from paying taxes in 2 states.

So who wants to help to move a couch or two?


Oh wow…where on King Drive. I know you really can’t say it here. I’m moving to the South Side too. I’m soooo nervous – lol. South Shore actually…I posted pics of the place on my blog.

I’ll be moving myself downtown Chicago hopefully later this year. God help me…because this stuff is enough to drive someone to jump off the damn Sears Tower.

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