I Don’t Suffer From Road Rage

…I enjoy every second of it.

Short story, I was driving to Oak Brook Illinois to take my sick Mac mini to the Apple store and at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. My mac crapped out on my last night and would wake up from the screen saver. While I had my powerbook, I become so accustomed to my mini. After getting little help over the phone with Apple support, I jump in the car and sit in gridlock on Interstate 294. Essentially the combination of heat, no AC, stagnate traffic, a broken computer and a piece of ass that wouldn’t go away (long story for another day) had made me a very irritable, asshole.

Before I go further, I would like to say to the bald headed owner of a Ford F-150 and Illinois license plates “SIMONJR,” I’m going to find you and do evil shit to you and your family.

Anyway, I’m zooming up I-294, to get to the mall so I could see if there’s any chance to save my baby. But each time I make some leeway, so prick jumps in front of me just to brake. I think I need to a gun or something.

By the way, the issue with my mac was a quick fix, either when my mini was built or maybe from the robbery, the memory module came loose and eventually came out. All they did was pop it back in and tested to see if it came on.


that whole trip in traffic for nothing huh? i love that stir crazy restaurant at the oak brook mall, it’s so yummy

I thought I was the only one that suffered from severe road rage. LOL

NOTHING can stop a MAC!!!

I think I saw SIMONJR the other day on Golf Road. Just kidding. I’ve been there, though.

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