They Done Stole My Shit

I’m pretty much in a fucked up mood right now. I went home from lunch and my front door was wide open. It seems some little bastard cut one of my windows screens climbed through my living room window and preceeded to take shit. They took all 350 DVDs including my porn, my stereo receiver, my digital cable box with DVR, my PS2 & Gamecube, both DVD players and my bedroom TV. I can’t find my living room phone, they were about to take my powerbook and Mac mini as they were stacked up on my dresser but didn’t and my cheater box was on my front porch still attached to the cable wire in my bedroom. Its kind of fucked cuz my plans for the weeked were to catch up on my shows and watch movies that I haven’t opened yet. Just when things were looking good. I need to go. Forgive me if I don’t answer IMs or phone calls.




Tony I’m so sorry man. Anything I can do, you let me know ok?

Damn man, damn. Call me if/when you need to.

DAMN!!! I’m praying for you…all 350 (including your porn) – I know how you felt about that…sorry man!

It just occured to me that the person(s) who did this might read your blog…
Don’t post anymore pics cuz they might come back

Take the pics of your apartment and all your stuff off this internet

I doubt that it was a reader, and if they were going to come back they would regardless if I had pictures or not.

9 times outta 10 its someone you converse with on the regular in the neighborhood. peep the signs. They look like they coming up then its your ish they took. i learned that the hardway myself.

I’m so sorry this happened, Tony.

IS THIS THE ULTIMATE VIOLATION OR WHAT? If you need a check shout me a holler! DAMN i’m mad this happened to you

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