Ain’t Going to Be Comcast’s Bitch


It’s been less than a year since I have gotten rid of my cable television service. At first I felt great. Cutting the cord felt damn near liberating. No longer was I paying $240 a month for wasted channels, summer hiatuses and informercials. Everyday there was something new on Netflix, and Hulu+ to watch and feel like I wasn’t missing anything from cable television. I know I’m not signing back up for TV services, the prices are too astronomical, so why am I looking at cable packages from Comcast?

I think the evil maniacal villain that is Comcast has won, and well on its way to conquering the world. It’s becoming increasing more difficult to find content and shows that are streamed online. A lot of the networks and channels that provide online streaming require an authentication from your television provider.

What kind of bullshit is that? This all started when the content providers became the content owners (i.e. Comcast buying NBC/Universal). And now there’s is talk about streaming services like Hulu require TV provider authentication… So what is a cord cutter like me suppose to do? Buckle down, sign back up for Comcast and prepare to be ass-raped in the wallet or give the middle finger to “the Man” and torrent all my shows? I guess only time will tell.

The Anti-Social Network


Rumors about me being naked on the Internet are completely false… I’m only half naked on the Internet.

I’ve been switching gears and living a little out of the box when it comes to social networks lately. I’m on the verge of deleting several networking accounts, because either I fail to care about the site, ignore the site entirely or initially signed up due to social pressure. Recently I have come into the understanding that ultimately I am not a social animal, whether it’s in person or virtually. So what does that mean? Well, as the year finishes out, I’ll be evaluating all the sites and networks that I’m a member of and determining whether or not membership is fruitful, beneficial or even necessary. Right now I know that sites like Flickr and Qik are getting the ax immediately. I have nothing against those sites, but I’m not sharing as many photos and videos to necessitate membership and I’m using other sites to do the same functions. I feel as if I’m spread a little too thin across too many social sites and things get neglected like Negro Vs Nerd. So right now, I’m have log in credentials for 10-12 social networking sites and hopefully I can narrow that number down to 5-6.

BTW… the reason for the skin on Tumblr? I’m grown and you only live once it’s a lesson in self-acceptance.

Happy Bah Humbug


It seems that I can’t have a birthday or a major holiday without going through some heartbreak. With everyone talking about friends, family and love ones, just exacerbates the feeling of isolation. I should stick to guns and ultimately stay by myself. That way no one will get hurt especially me.

Steve Jobs 1955-2011


My Inner Struggle


Everyday I struggle over the same thing with myself: Go to the gym or Sit on my ass. Tonight, my lazy half will win.