I was pretty shocked that the Apple store just replaced my beat-up 12in G4 Powerbook with a brand new Macbook. I’ve been busy the last few days replacing all of my power pc programs with universal ones and spending a great deal of time playing with Parallels Desktop for Mac. I had it all set and ready to go until I realized that I don’t have anything that needs to run on Windows so I scrapped it all. I even found this really cool script that lets me use my Blackberry 8100 Pearl as a bluetooth modem.

The only downside to my new MacBook is that my PowerBook (Long-Dong Aluminum) had a Superdrive and Alabastard has a standard combo-drive. But the fact that I exchanged a 3 year-old piece of obsolete technology for the new hotness, easily helps me get over it.


Hollrup. How did you get yours replaced? I have an ibook I was about to go take in before my apple care expired (its been sent back a lot), but the socalled geniuses in LA are pretty useless most of the time so I didn’t bother.

Hold up, Wait a Minute, Don’t stop, Get it get it

Sorry… the untold part of the story is that my Powerbook has been in and out of Apple Care repair, both in store and shipped out several times since August. The last two times I had to wait over a month (2 months collectively) because whatever parts needed were on back order.

So the Geniuses didn’t want to me to wait anymore then I had or they were tired of seeing me every two weeks. And plus I think I exceeded the quota on Colored folks in Oak Brook Mall.

I’m happy for you, but I’m almost like Liz in that my old G3 iBook died while under Apple Care coverage and I didn’t get a replacement either. Unfortunately, the new Powerbooks hadn’t come out yet. The Intel powered desktops were just out, so I paid for an iMac myself. I could still use a laptop, but that’s gonna have to wait.

AppleCare is really worth it based on your replacement. They could’ve give you the Superdrive model it seems. My Powerbook G4 is still running strong. Thank goodness.

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