Call Me Gummy-Joe

Things have been fairly stagnant here at mostly because I’m finding it more and more difficult to sit in front of computer nowadays. Ironically I work in technology and sit in front of a monitor all day. My days have been filled with 3:30am wake ups, long work days, ibuprofen, Sickie-Deez, pledge sessions and early bed times. And not only has all of that caught up with me, it has surpassed me and lapped me twice.

So within the last few days, I have yet to speak to my mother, not because I don’t want to talk to her, just don’t know how to go about it. I’ve also been getting the house ready for the winter which only led to more problems like my washer blowing up in the midst of doing my whites and trying to get my cub appeal together by raking up falling leaves to only have twice as much leave fall the next day and various trash from my next-door neighbors. Been trying to eat out less and cook more, but I guess I should attempt to put food in my fridge so I would have something to cook. And atlas the gut gets bigger and bigger. But none of this has gotten me down, since I really don’t have any time outside of work and fraternity to dwell on it. Actually I don’t have much time period, I’m sure there are some folks who I’m pissed off by not calling.

Speaking of calling folks, I when out of my way to go and get the new Blackberry Pearl, which I love by the way and I barely talk to people on the phone. I guess it’s another situation where my inner-technophile beat out my common sense. Yes, I admit I don’t use the common sense I was born with but isn’t admission the first step of recovery.

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