Convo With Mom

My mother and I have a cool relationship where we’re pretty open with our lives. Sometimes my mom can be alittle too open as in the conversation we had at this diner this past Mother’s Day.

Mom: So you know I almost moved to Las Vegas?
Me: Why? What happened?
Mom: Carl got on my nerves last week, (Carl is her fiance, some nerdly looking white guy) We got into an arguement about how slavery still went on in the South after 1863. He said something stupid like “Black people were freed by Lincoln if they stayed slaves they’re dumb”
Me: So what happened after you knocked the shit outta him?
Mom: Oh, I didn’t hit him. I just called him an idiot, told him to look up Juneteenth and he said can’t have any pussy for awhile.
Me: Aw gross, I don’t you see me eating over here?


LOL….mom’s is kinda open Huh.

lol u say cuss words in front of your mom?

I STILL can’t get into the concept of my parents having relations. Even having witnessed it….

One of the benefits of being GROWN, I guess, even though I say it real fast to slide it past her.

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