Dentistry Is A Scam

So I went to the dentist last night after work, while I had invision some kind of Marathon Man scenerio but the torture would be delayed both physically and monetarily. After filling out some insurance paperwork and sat in a chair where they pointed some machine at me that probably reduced my sperm count, my dentist gave the bad news; he’s doesn’t want to pull my broken tooth. While there’s obvisious not enough tooth left to do a filling, I have to get a root canal and some type of ‘build up’ and peg installation so I can get a crown. While every queen dreams of getting a crown, this was not what I had in mind and my dental insurance doesn’t cover crown since its consider to be comestic. But there’s more, I have to get a second crown on the outside side of my mouth and have all my wisdom teeth removed.

After been hit with the ‘Shock & Awe‘ of my impending service costs, the sent on my way with a few dozen referrals and a fake smile with an even faker ‘Goodbye.’ And the bastards didn’t give me anything for the pain, Effin’ Bees. I think I need to become an anti-dentite.


Crowns are considered ‘cosmetic?’ Now THAT’s a scam! Crowns are an alternative to losing your whole tooth! And gosh darnit, if you pull a tooth you certainly need to put something there! I sure hope a partial isn’t on your insurance’s list of oral vanity items!

Damn them! The pain meds are the best/worst part of the whole experience. They didn’t try and sell you a washer/dryer did they?

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