Maybe I’m Just Trippin’

So I’ve made a decision… I’m moving. Whenever my lease is up, either in June or July, I plan on moving back home. Well actually I’ll be taking over my mother’s house, which is something that I’ve been debating for the last year.

Back in the summer of 2004, when I moved old my mom followed suit and and left the house a month after I did. At first she rented the house to this young white family after serveral months of having the house on the market. The white family left the house in bad shape. The neighbors complained about their dogs which tore up the back I spent years grooming and mowing. They left large and unexplained holes in the walls and everything had a dingy color to it. Shortly there after my aunt had moved into the house with my mom’s blessing. And it wasn’t long that my aunt had some difficulties paying the mortgage, paying the utilities and maintaining the house. The power was turned off several times throughout the year and the lawns were overgrown with weeds.

Which brings us back to the present, I have several plans of what to do with the house since there’s about 20+ years left on the mortgage. None of those plans can be done if I have to worry about someone else in my space. I need to re-evaluate this shit pronto.

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WOW that sounds cool. Last fall I went back to my old home place up north and saw that the new owners painted it some crazy orange color, closed in our great sun porch and built a deck out back, for what reason I don’t know. The yard is flat and you only walk about four steps up to get in the back door. Nutz.

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