An Apology

Well I didn’t mean for the last entry to sound like a cry for help… really I didn’t. I’ve been so busy as of late with work, my pledges and all my side projects. Things have been passed me by, days are blending together, people and responsibilities are been neglected and I need to officially apologize for that.

To those who I said I would call but haven’t, I’m sorry. To those whose web pages I said I was work on and haven’t even started, I’m sorry. And to that muh fucka downstairs from me who I promised an ass whoopin’, I’m sorry. I haven’t forgotten about you. You still got an appointment with a size 12 and a half boot with your ass.

On a positive note, I recently got a new Greek crossing jacket from Stuff 4 Greeks and its HOT. I’ll post a picture of it during my lunch break.

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