Whoop That Trick

Like my momma use to say, “I ain’t had to whoop some bitch’ ass in a minute…” and essentially thats what I’m feeling right now towards my downstairs neighbor. If I got put up with smelling her weed smoke, her dry hacking in the middle of the night of her fucking miscellaneous niggas at all hours of the day and night then she can stay one night with housing a few of my frat brothers, sorors and bruhs. Oh I can’t wait until I gotta get up at 4 in the morning so I can incite some shit cuz now she’s gonna see me get ugly.



Tony, don’t go kickin her ass now. She might like it.

tony u sound like a bitch bruh, so stop fuckin wit your neihbor it sounds like she’d whoop your fuckin ass anyway. fuckin punk

And see this is why Canadians get no fucking respect anyway… Dude, take ya MySpace.com pimpin’ ass back to Quebec and stop acting like you know a muh fucka.

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