Have I Pissed You Off Yet?

Something interesting just happened… a friend (and I mean that in its loosest definition) told me that I’m not a good person because I couldn’t devote any time towards him. Since I work a lot of hours and because I’m fairly active in my fraternity my free time is pretty slim. So am I wrong in thinking that I should be granted a little leeway? You would think that a friend would understand my sitaution somewhat. Am I correct in thinking that this negro is on some selfish bullshit and I should be happy that he’s elected to remove himself from the equation that is Tony?

This brings up something that I’m been sitting on for a minute as well. Another friend is apparently upset with me regarding my spending habits (more specifically my purchase of my new iPod) and has promptly stopped talking to me. It took me about a week or so to realize that they were even mad at me. At that point I had to laugh because they were mad at something at some that had absolutely no impact, effect or consequence in their life what so ever. Overall it made them seem a little jealous. This was someone who I’d converse in confidence. Told them about the amounts of money that I made, and even complained about not having money (which I do a lot). But never told them that I had gotten a second pay increase this year or the fact that I was hired and was going to be grossing almost 50 grand so I have what they call “DISPOSABLE INCOME.” So I let them be mad at me becasue I owe no one an explaination about what I do with my money. So it seems that I don’t have to do anything to piss people off, so the question is still there… Have I pissed you off yet?


Tony, I’m hear to tell ya, haters will be forever. Just like death and taxes.

Fuk em!

Poor things. They just can’t take a baller like you. What they really want is for you to f*** them. Don’t even give them the satisfaction. Tell’m to piss off.

It’s funny that it seems that quite a few people are saying the same thing about you. Why do you think that is?

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