Scooby Doo, Where Are You?

It’s been a long week, and sure there were times when I sat around and picked at the hair bumps on my chin but for the most part I’ve been busy.

I’ve been fine tuning lesson plans and mentally preparing for the upcoming intake season for my fraternity. Within the next 3 weeks I have to find and reclaim and sense of patience that I may have had in the past. Essentially I’m nervous, anxious and excited, I want to get it started and get it over.

I’ve also been working nights last week. I remember when I was 12 and would have killed to stay up late all the time. But irregular sleeping habits and large spans of doing nothing will suck the life off of you. Half of the week I just wish I was in bed.

My Weekend was ridiculously long… On Friday I drove an hour one way, back and forth to the Apple Store in Oakbrook Illinois to send my baby off, I came back to Hammond to go food shopping, put in ten hours at work and head off to Bubbleland to wash several loads of clothes. My body didn’t hit my bed until 4:30 am Saturday. I had the first informational meeting for my fraternity Saturday afternoon at Columbia College, hung out with my frat brothers and some potential intakees afterwards and spend all day Sunday help one of my frat brothers move. I slept good Sunday night, but I’m still feeling the effects now.


oh no! what’s wrong with your baby? – also thanks for commenting! It was great having you over my place for a change 😉

My 12 Inch Powerbook 867 died on my last Sunday, and after working on the go all day and night Saturday. But its all good and hopefully I shall get it back this week or next.

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