Fanboy Flame Wars

A conversation between Karsh and myself about the new Firestorm of DC Comics, who happens to be black. See balck folks do read comics.

Karsh: White folks are a trip — I’m reading this Firestorm debate on the DC Comics message boards
Tony: they dont like the new black firestorm?
Karsh: nope — I guess in the latest issue, he interacts with a white guy who does something dumb, and Jason’s thought balloon says “White people.”
Karsh: And folks are all in an uproar
Karsh: much ado about nothing, really
Tony: well they blew Ronnie up so he aint coming back
Tony: he’s Blue Beetle dead
Karsh: LOL – folks are like “BRING BACK RONNIE”
Tony: they’re probably the same folks who threaten to burn crosses at Marvel over the Truth: Red White and Black
Karsh: oh Lord…that whole thing
Karsh: LOL
Tony: you can never please a fanboy
Tony: when something new or remotely different comes out they will bitch and bitch
Tony: comics have a 10 year curve
Tony: they’re not considered good until 10 years after the fact
Karsh: like Watchmen
Tony: Like Crisis
Tony: I think the only thing Fan boys like was “A Death in the Family
Tony: I should start a fanboy flame war over something stupid
Karsh: lol
Karsh: like what
Tony: was thinking about Dickey writing the Blank Panther/Storm
Karsh: ah — that would be good
Tony: but it speaks for itself
Karsh: Hudlin’s still on Panther, right?
Tony: yes
Tony: but Eric Jerome Dickey will be writing the mini
Karsh: blegh
Tony: again I say ERIC JEROME DICKEY
Karsh: LOL
Karsh: at least it ain’t Bebe Moore Campbell
Karsh: or worse — Terry Mac
Karsh: LOL
Tony: or E Lynn Harris, but I digress
Karsh: LOL
Tony: at least its not Claremont
Tony: thank Jesus, Shiiva and Budha that its not Claremont
Karsh: how bad do you think he’d mess it up
Tony: two words… thought bubbles
Karsh: LOL

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Man, i dont know if its a new race thing but Nobodys agreeing on Firestorm bing black. I like it cuz i gave him a chance. Hell i bet if robbie came back (again) as his other half, folks wouldnt complain. At the end of I.C. I bet thats what happens…

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