An Evening Out With Karsh…

Or Why I’m Banned From The CTA Red Line.

Let me start off by saying that Stoli is not my friend. In an attempt to show Karsh of Black Gay Blogger some of the city of Chicago, a meal with Rod from Rod Online 2.0 and Bernard Bradshaw from Sex and the Second City and myself was planned. The location was Wishbone out in the Chicago west loop and it all started innocent enough. I parked on the south side and took the train into the loop and caught a bus to the Wishbone. We were suppose to meet up with Rod and Bernard but they both had got caught up. The food at Wishbone wasn’t bad, but the beer on tap was god awful.

With nothing else to do, and other than the fact that it was serverely early on a Friday night, I suggested some bar hopping in Wicker Park or in Boystown. After passing by some sushi bars and black sedan that had crashed into a support column for the green line on Lake Street near I-90/94, we hopped a train and transferred to the red line. Karsh and I made good time to Belmont and I even eyed some cute gay boys with their hag on the train. From there we headed to Roscoe’s, check our coats and sat at the bar. Friday’s was Stoli Pink Lemonade night and for $12 a pitcher it seemed like a good deal. Thats until I realized I drunk the second pitcher by myself.

From there everything else was a complete blur. I remember dozing off on the red line, I remember leaving my black Banana Republic skullie on the train, I remember dropping my brand new Motorola Razr phone several times and I unfortunately remember punching Karsh in his chest twice and projectile vomitting the pink lemonade into a trash can on the red line 95th & Dan Ryan station. After all of that, I woke up on my best friend’s couch with a bad taste in my mouth.


Lawd!!!! Makes note to self…do not let phillybred drink excess stoli pink lemonade.. LOL

Happy New Year!

Wow…sounds like you had an interesting evening. Happy New Year!

WOW that must have been quite a site to have all of you guys together. I just wish someone had taken a photo of the historic event!

My chest still hurts. *cough*

I kid! I kid!

I had a good time and will definitely have to come back to the Chicago area.

Aw man! Wishbone! I went there for Sunday brunch and had the best men’s room convo with what must’ve been the finest black man in the world! *sigh* chitown memories…uh, yeah Roscoe’s was aiight too.

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