The Evils Of Greyhound

I’d planned on going into the details of my Atlanta trip later this weekend but I had to say something about 16+ hour bus ride that my frat brothers and myself had to endure. To even use the word Hell would be a understatement. It’s more like going through torture, sitting in a small box with sweaty fat man farting and weezing on you while you’re trying to sleep. And once you actually manage to drift off to sleep, somebody is flicking the lights on and off. Everything is rattling, and theres a constant draft, blowing on your neck and did I mention the sweat fat man, farting and weezing on me? Needless to say, if I ever go anywhere in the near future, I will be flying.


I feel your pain, I had to take the bus from Atlanta to Chicago in the summer. It was the WORST experience of my life and I will never do that shyt again.

Now did you expect anything less from Greyhound? At least on Amtrak you can go to the dining car and get something to eat. 🙂

i took the bus from New York to New Boston, TX once. ONCE!

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