December 1st


There are some things in life that I’m afraid of; spiders, being homeless, my dentist but not HIV/AIDS. Some time after my mom found out about my preferences, we had a lengthy discussion about grandchildren, health issues and my safety. She told that she was afraid for me, afraid to have to bury her only child. That was the one thing you would never be able to handle and made me promise to be smart about the choices I make in life. That was six years ago and I still uphold that promise and get tested every six months (every April and October). For me, the best way to stay safe is to be educated and that’s why I’m not afraid of HIV and AIDS. Not if I can only do the same thing about spiders.


There is no reason to be afraid. You have the power to stay negative. Just use it.

Bravo man. Good to hear that someone is NOT afraid of HIV/AIDS.

Call me stupid (and I know it is) but would you believe that I’ve yet to take my first test.

< Napolean Dynamite > STUPID! < /Napolean Dynamite >

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