Frodo T-Baggins

One more day of this early morning shit and I be sa free nigga until next Monday. As a Thanksgiving stable, I’m going to go over my mom’s in West Bumblefuck Indiana, gorge on tryptophan and sit through the 15 hour torture that is JRR Tolken’s Lord of the Ring Trilogy. I talked to my mom last Friday and I knew I was doomed:

Mom: So what movies are you bringing Thursday?
Me: I just got Batman Begins and Unleashed
Mom: Oh you got the Batman movie, cool.
Me: Yea, I rented Crash the other week but it sat on my table until I took it back.
Mom: Really? Crash was really good, it had me on the edge of the bed when I saw it… [goes on about Crash] I got that Thai boxing movie where the guy was elbowing dudes left and right
Me: I got that too
Mom: So just bring something good, even though you know what we’re watch… LoTR.

Now I see that being a geek is an inherited trait. With my mom being a fantasy/sci-fi geek and my dad exposing my to comic books I’m surprised I get laid.

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Awww…nothing like seeing geekdom running in the family..:-) Have a great holiday weekend.

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