Five Years and Little Accomplished

I’m not longer that 19 year old, worrying about my next paycheck from Purdue, trying to balance getting ass and going to class. I’ve written about my first heartbreak to my to my first car. I’ve been doing this for five years and yet every post always seem like my first.


Happy 5th!

Much respect.

Five years…and I’m barely breaking the two-year mark. Congrats, bro. There’s nothin’ but love all on this side of the comment box.

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I just wish I’d started reading you sooner.

HAPPY 5TH BLOGVERSARY! Wow, that’s a long time! I hope that’s me in four years. Kudos!

Happy 5th dude … to commemorate I jus had to go back and see what post started the ball rolling … true to form it was about yo man, yo money and yo ride … but while it might seem to u that not much has changed, you gotta admit it has … cause u got a better job and ur own place and now ur a blog celebrity too.

Let’s see if i last as long … ROFL

Congratz on 5 years.This is only my 4th month but I hope to try and keep doing this for as long and maybe longer.Wow,5 years.I’m gonn ahve to go into your archives and get all up in your

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