Don’t Call It A Comeback

Again I want to thank everyone for their support the last week or so but its time I got back to some normalcy on this site. And by normalcy I mean the complete and utter mundane bullshit I churn out on a semi-daily basis.

So what have I been up too? Nothing but sitting around my place, getting Live Search working on my site, talking with my twin, drinking, expending energy and reading blogs. I’ve been working on my manifesto, watching prime time television and pretty much been sitting around in my draws, twiddling my thumbs and other appendages.

I’ve pretty much decided that I won’t reach my 500 entry mark by my 5th year blog anniversary on the 17th. After thinking about it, I felt that it really wasn’t inportant. In all honesty, I write this shit for me, its just nice that somebody may read this and may be going through something similar or maybe connect with it on some level.

It’s a new fiscal year, and I need to start something to occupy myself. I started a LiveJournal page, chronicling some of the exploits I would dare mentioning here. I’m starting my DVD collection over from scratch. I picked up some excellent Kung Fu titles like Master of the Flying Guillotine and Five Deadly Venoms all I need is Master Killer and some other classics and I’ll be set.


HE’S BAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yea, but we are happy you’re back. Um…I really want to read you post that we talked about…just because you’ve been blogging for 5 years means nothing…I’m almost 2 years into the game myself BUDDY!!!

Till We Meet Again,
The ChurchBoy

man, i got that shit let me know if ya need a hookup

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