The Story Of Corey Pt. 2

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December of 2001 was a pretty fucked up time for me. I was slowing breaking down, I was spending less time with Corey because I was too involved with pledging or I just need some “alone” time. Life at home was stressing, I was paying the utilities at home along with my own bills. My mom figured that forcing me to do so will make me go out and get a high paying job with no regard to the job market.

I was 21 years old and I had a stress induced ulcer. Let me tell that ulcers are not fun, I would be up every night around 3am streaming in pain. I wasn’t normal anymore. I wasn’t in the mood for sex anymore. I literally couldn’t get hard even if I wanted. Corey thought it was him, but it wasn’t. I need to get through my issues and it was the week of Christmas that I decided to be alone so I could fix it. I was tired of pledging process and their two-face ways. After 3 nights of being on line, I was about ready to fight. And if I had to come to blows to get out of a situation, then it would be best to walk away. The little neophyte there called me weak as I left. It took I had to not knock the shit out of him.

That night I drove to Corey’s house and slept in his arms. I never told him specifically what happened and he understood that I didn’t want to talk about it. Unfortunately he wasn’t too happy when I asked for a break. I didn’t want to break up, I wasn’t looking for an excuse to end what we had. I just need some time to get my issues and order. I can’t move forward if I have a bunch of shit holding me back. I wish I could have put it as eloquently as I just did. Ever since that point are relationship was never the same. I had settle most the issues with my mom, I was over the incident with Phi Beta Sigma, I was smiling again and talking to friends again. But something was wrong with Corey. Doctors couldn’t figure it out, and on the surface everything was normal. We were both clean and healthy but that didn’t stop the accusations.

Every other day, I was asked if I was cheating on him or if I was talking to someone. I had done nothing wrong and somehow lost all his trust. All the unfounded mistrust led to arguing and fights. Long phone calls and high Sprint PCS bills full of obscenities and being called every name besides a child of God. It was until Super Bowl of 2002 that I had enough of the fighting. I’ve never been the confrontational one, never been the one to actually break up a relationship but thats what I had to do that night. I cried, he pleaded but I didn’t see us being together anymore. And the last time he said me was something he told me earlier in our relationship; “When I break up with someone, I literally don’t see them anymore.” I guess I should have remember that when I saw him a few months last at school. We walked by each other in a narrow corridor. I said ‘Hi’, he never looked my way.


Thanks for the part II. That was a long story and glad you blogged about it.

When did you stop thinking with your dick? From what I’ve noticed, you still do.

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