Drunk Tony

2 parts Watermelon Pucker, 1 part Absolut, 1 part Triple Sec, shake with ice and pour into a glass to make a ‘Drunk Tony
Glass #1 at 10:26PM CST – I remember flipping through radio stations trying to find a good hip-hop mix.
Glass #2 at 10:52PM CST – Intermittently chatting online with Timothy and jumping up to dance when something hot was played.
Glass #3 at 11:15PM CST – My boy, Ken, had stopped by for a minute and I think I was yelling at him. Can’t remember if it was just to speak over the stereo or if I was just yelling at him.
Glass #4 at 12:09AM CST – Beat off to Booty Talk 50, twice before I passed out.



I have been reading your blog for awhile now (even added you to mines) but this is the thread that has made me comment because ‘Drunk Tony’s is what me and my friends drink. PUCKERS is a girls best friend, lol lol So now we will give it a name 🙂


Damn, i’m gonna have to try that shit.

Dayum Tony, next time you get like that call me so I can come over lol

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