Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Spent the weekend doing what I do best – Absolutely Nothing.

Saturday I made my usually comic book store run, spent money I really didn’t have and out of sheer boredom I got up and saw Episode III by myself. By the time I got home it was around 7pm and I chilled with my two best friends: Vodka & Triple Sec. Some point around 1am I was in the mood for a bubble bath. So I headed to the neighborhood CVS and copped some Mr. Bubble, the shit was on point.

Sunday my blue-tooth Apple Pro mouse finally died on me. Wasn’t defective, I just had a habit of knocking it off the keyboard tray and onto the floor. So I headed to the Lansing Illinois Best Buy to see what they had and to hopefully ‘eye-hump’ James, the greeter/loss prevention guy at the front door. James is just how I like ’em: Tall Thick & Yellow and he fills out his yellow Best Buy shirt and khakis quite nicely. But I digress because James wasn’t as work on Sunday and Best Buy doesn’t carry Apple products anymore.

So 45 minutes and $2.40 in tolls later I was at the Apple retail store in Oak Brook Illinois, a geek heaven or haven, however you want to look at it. It seems that all the grad students who can’t get work at Borders work at an Apple retail store; ponytails and socks with sandals everywhere. I almost left out with an iPod shuffle, those and iPod photos were on sale. And sale plus my edu discount equals Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money. But I couldn’t justify the shuffle when I already have a 20 gig 4th Gen.

So I left with my new blue-tooth Pro mouse, and stopped by Circuit City in Calumet City on my way back. For the last year or so I’ve been using my mouse without a mouse pad and you can see the area is all worn out from using the mouse. Plus the bottom of my old mouse was all scuffed up from the veneer surface. I spend a good 15 minutes in the store looking for mouse pads and I wasn’t bout to go back to Best Buy, because James wasn’t there and they might think I was trying to case the place. I finally find the slim selection Circuit City has for mouse pads, it was either generic blue, plain black or some really gay ass picture. I grabbed two black pads and headed to check out. As I’m standing in line I noticed I’m being eye-balled, hard. Kinda like Best Buy, Circuit City has someone at the door handling loss prevention but unlike Best Buy where its an organized station with security feeds, this Circuit City just has some big burly-looking rhino-bitch at the door. And she was at me like I just kicked her cat into a busy street or something. She watched get in line, she watched me pay $11 too much for two mouse pads and she watched me walk toward the door. Everything was legit on my part but evidently burly-bitch felt the need to stop me on my way out. She checked my receipt, looked in my bag but she said that I set off the alarm. Other then the TVs there were no alarms sounding off. So then she pats me down and asked me to walk through the gate again, there were no sounds but she swears that I had set off the alarm again. After the second pat down, I was through because obviously she was fucking with me or trying to get a cheap feel. So told her:

“This is bullshit, there aren’t any alarms going off and my shit is paid for, so stop fucking with me because you don’t know me or let me speak to your manager.”

And with that, she let me through and I promptly left for home. I concluded my Sunday with some meatloaf from Boston Market and Adult Swim.

My Monday was uneventful, I played God of War and watched some the Law & Order marathon on TNT. I threw a salmon steak on the grill. It was sitting in my freezer since last August and was actually for the Crush but I don’t think he would mind. And that was my weekend.

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Hey…I absolutely love Boston Market!!!

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