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I think it’s about time I start cutting some niggas off. It seems that most of the people I associate with don’t really give a flying fuck about me and only care about the piece of meat dangling between my thighs. These are the same muh fuckas that if I ask to borrow $20 or need help moving a couch, they disappear for 3 days but if I need drain my nuts they’re literally at my door in 10 minutes. I don’t need a 200 pound dick warmer, I don’t need this shit and I dont need you.

And with that being said I’m going to take a break and spend sometime offline and live my life. I’m feeling too connected and yet so alone so If you need me use the contact form (I’m turning off my instant messengers) and see you next Tuesday.


See….this blogging thing can drain a nigga For Real…it’s like you spill yo damn guts for nothing but take your time and relax…guess what I bought…tee hee. An AIBO…you should get one they are just like real dogs and if you don’t wanna be bothered just turn it off.

That’s nice but its $2,000 of ass whuppin though.

at least someone would be spanking my ass…lol 😆

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