Internet Word of The Day 6

Its been a minute since I’ve done one of these and I know I’mma get heat for this… oh well fuck it, I didn’t need any friends anyway.

Choir Fag

-(noun) 1. A homosexual of African descent or African-American ancestry who uses a church choir, usually gospel, to showcase their inability to sing by going into a soprano range. 2. A gay black male singing within a church choir.

1. -“Miss Jenkins, who is that singing in the choir in falsetto and off key?”
-“Lord bless him… chile, he’s some choir fag with no common sense.”

2. -“What happened with you and ya boy?”
-“We haven’t talked since he invited me to his church”
-“Ohh… A choir fag, huh?”
-“Yeah, nothing makes my penis go soft faster then seeing a grown-ass man singing in falsetto.”


Hell yea you’re going to get heat about this one…I sing in a community choir – I’m not a choir fag…well, I can be – but that’s besides the point! I never sing falsetto soprano – I stick to tenor – and I can sing pretty well…and I’m of African descent…oh lord…am I a choir fag?

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