And In With The New

Its 2005 y’all and fuck New Year’s resolutions. Why wait til the first of the year to start some shit ya ass is never gonna finish. You ain’t going to the gym, you ain’t gonna write that great novel and you’re still gonna be drinking or smoking or still hitting the pipe by March, so why bother. LOL

Aight, enough of my bullshitting. I’m not gonna lie, I have made a resolution for the 2005. Last year I resolve to be real, and be tru to myself. Dontcha just love buzz phrases? Did I follow through with my resolutions? You tell me. In 2004 I stop fucking with Alexius. The muh fucka was bad for my health like MSG. I overall learned to say “No” and keep my dick in my pants eventhough I’m still labelled the hoe of the group. I left my job at Purdue. I was there for 5 years and making $7.40/hour. Even though I still only have 70 credits, my financial aid was been revoked for life I generally hate the school, I’m enrolled the have my classes schedule and bout to be paid for the upcoming Spring semester. I started my paid internship at Lear Corp, started out making more then my moms and pops, moved out of my momma’s basement and went to a hellish ordeal when I had my accident. But I came out okay and if I want to, I can still seek legal action. 2004 had its up and down but I stayed real. Just like the soundbite from the Ho.ward St.ern Show: “I keep it real, cuz I’m keeping it real”

So for the year 2005, I resolve to

1. Take better care of myself both mentally and physically.
2. Be more considerate of other people’s feelings, cuz evil niggas don’t get sex.
3. Be a better blogger. This is my fourth blog, and this one will have SUBSTANCE. And maybe I should proofread more as well.
4. Disclose real shit. Not everyone needs to know that, Yes I’m a fag even if I love the look at females’ titties and asses, have threesome (ffm) dreams or could probably eat pussy better then any other nigga. I guess being honest is better in life.
5. I will have a new(er) car by exactly this time in 2006.

So with all that beeb said, what are some of your New Year’s Resolutions?

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