Internet Word Of The Day 5


-(noun) 1. An aesthetically unpleasing vehicle usually 8 to 20 years old in terms to current vehicle production. 2. A fucked up car. 3. A hooptie. Examples: 1. The Neon has finally achieved true hoo-ride status, after dealing with a hood that won’t stay close, trim that keeps falling off, two flat tires and a large puddle from the rain; a trunk that won’t lock makes it official. 2. “Yo Cuz, I need to run to the store, let me borrow ya hoo-ride to get there and back.”

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hoo-ride :mrgreen: i’m going to use that from now on instead of hooptie!

i hate to hear you had 2 flat tires the other day and was in the snow, we got icy and it was about 2 inches thick and my drive way is still covered with it but it’s slushy now. i also had a wreck in my car a day before this bad weather, when it rains it pours.

happy early new year!

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