Got My ‘Teevo’

I got my Teevo last night before I left work and I’m loving it. I came home for lunch to check on some of the stuff I set it to record and despite Ka.ramo being a whiny bitch it was all fucking good. I Teevoed Invader Zim, which is 100 times funnier the Fairly Odd Parents, and The Screen Savers, which now sucks since Comcast fired the enitre cast saved for Kevin and Sarah. Its the dawn of a new age for me… The Platinum Age Of Televison.

And if you’re wondering why I call it a Teevo and not a Tivo, well because it isn’t a Tivo. I guess that Tivo patent expired and the market is now oversaturate with knock-offs and wannabes. Plus u can get this shit dirt-ass cheap. Almost better then buying shit from a crack head.


That’s what I’m fuckin talking about…why buy the real thing when you can get a good ass knock-off….just like my payless shoes that everyone thinks are K-swiss…tee hee hee 😆

why you had to put in your post a Real World spoiler?; I haven’t seen the episode yet on my Tivo. (the real thingy baby!)

Tony didn’t spoil it…I mean come on now…Karamo is a young black gay “man” so you knew he’d eventually fuck up any possibility of a real relationship anyway…lol…he’s so typical:lol:

Next time I’ll put spoilers in inviso-text like Ain’t It Cool News

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