Don’t Wannabe All By Myself

Well Ken should be somewhere in Kentucky on route to Atlanta, moms ifs going to a NA convention in Tennesese which leaves me the odd man out. But there won’t be any pity-parties in the Mercer House because I shall be utilizing my non-paid holiday time to eat some Ham I’m bound to fuck up in Wednesday and kick back watching th Transformers marathon on Thursday on Cartoon Network, the Law & Order marathon Friday on TNT and maybe even do something incredibly stupid like go to the mall on Saturday.

I’m in desparate need of clothes. Realize earlier last week that I look like a fucking bum and this travesty needs to be rectified ASAP. But alas, a negro is broke and because of this non-paid holiday and the 10 day non-paid break at Christmas I wont have anything to exchange for Kenneth Cole and banana Republic joys. Guess its my fault for spend my money of gadgets and electronics. A technosexual without the clothes is just a nerd. And nerds still aren’t cool.

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