WalMart Is The 3rd Rung Of Hell

I was in a serious rage about working Saturday night, I took my lunch to see if I could go buy some happiness. And there are no street walkers in Hammond, not that I’ve been looking… that much… recently… anymore. But I need to spend some money to forget that I was working until 2am over the weekend. So I drive down the street to the local Walmart to check out some movies and PS2 games.

First off the place was packed, It was the first saturday of the month and as my dearly departed grandmother, Rebecca would say; “Fuckin’ welfare receiptants everywhere!” Personally, I don’t care how people make their money as long as it isn’t made by robbing my black ass but I digress. The Negro Force was out in full effect; as I was strolling around the electronics to get a copy of Shrek 2 and hopefully Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and I run into one of my road dawgs, John.

John use to work for one of the US Senators for Indiana but got caught up in some bullshit, like fucking a 15 year old and now he uses his Master’s degree to assistant manage the Walmart. I say my pleasentries, and attempt to make plans to hang out the next day. I say my goodbyes, turn around and damn near walk into some nig and his 5 kids. Not only was all 5 kids under five years old, one of them was funky as fuck. Like goats fucking pigs rolling in horse shit kinda funky. Now I would normally just walk away but I had to get back to work and they was all just standing there around the shit I wanted. I would have said something but the smell was already fucking up my ofactory nerves, I was not bout to open my mouth to start tasting that shit too. So I wait for bout a good minute, and as the shittlings start to run away from the Weekend dad, I notice its not the kids that stink its the dad that smells ike moist armpit in sitting in the sun.

At that point I was like “fuck it”, they didn’t have Shrek 2 or GTA: San Andreas over here. I turn around to go to some other display with the cheap DVDs and this other negro is there, looking at shit. He glances up at me and he has this long and big ass open ass wound on his face. Some true horro movie looking type of shit. This niggas was up in Walmart, face bleeding, no bandage and had smeared vaseline/neosporen on it.

I bounced before the lepards and shit decided to get they shop on. I hate going to Walmart.


Luckily i havent come accross any nasty shit like that whenever im in there.


Your Wal-Mart is gangsta. Despite Wal-Mart trying to take over the world, I’ve actually only been inside once or twice.

Consider yourself lucky, cuz Wal-Mart will suck u in with its low ass prices and it’ll convert you over into one of them like Michael Jackson in Triller. The bad thing is that this store is farily new, I think G.P.C. Level has increase due to the fact that its so close to the northwest side of Gary Indiana.

Ok, screw Wal-Mart….
When you gonna sell a nigga some of yo home-made amateur porns…I heard somethings from some people about yo cock tales…and I wanna see 😈
…yeah, I’m bold…so what…lol

Dunno what u’re talking about. Even if I had some pictures or videos of someone and myself- I think I’m obligated by verbal agreement to not distribute them out, plus I destroyed the orignals. Anyway, who’s been talking about me?

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