Going Back

I’m finally taking my iggnate ass back to school. I knew that PUC would be glad to suck my money my pockets but daymn… I’m taking three classes and the price without the books is $1500. I miss my financial aid… makes me wish that I didn’t abuse the system and end up on financial aid probation. Oh well gonna go hustle my way into $1500… “5 Dolla Suckie-suckie?


That’s wonderful news man…congratulations 😆
(I love this freakin icon)

LOL @ “5 Dolla Suckie-suckie???? You always hear about women workin their way through school by stripping, maybe you should consider being a male stripper. Just think of all the stories you would have for your blog, LOL. Congrats on going back to school.

Hey…that’s good news! You need to be back in school…I’m in school too – and you won’t believe I’m almost done – studying Biblical Studies & Urban Ministry. My sinning self getting a theology degree…what is the world coming to? Anyway…congrats!

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