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Been at work since 4:30am, well thats a lie. I was suppose to be here at 4:30 but thats the time I actually got outta bed. Regardless my weekend was not half bad. I think I did spend entirely too much money at Walmart & Target for new bathroom shit. But there’s something bout a suede shower curtain.

A major thing I did do this weekend was buy some new video games. Unfortunately I’ve been neglecting my gamecube and this weekend was no different. This was essential a PS2 holiday. I got Def Jam: Fight For NY the sequal to Def Jam Vendetta and the RPG-styled game X-Men Legends.

First DJ:FFNY is so much better then the orginal. Its a good thing that video games sequals do tend to be then their predacestors unlikely movies. The best way to describe this game in terms of joy is to compare it to bomb-ass sex. Its a rendered orgy. It brings all the best aspects of Vendetta and improves on it, from the rating system, fighting gamplay and the cast has tripled in size. The story picks up right as DJ Vendetta ends where D-mob is is being hauled off to jail after his ass-whuppin but as he being driven in the squad car its “T-boned” by an Escalade and he’s freed by the driver (your character) of the SUV. Now apparently since D-Mob has been ousted as the big-honcho in the Underground, others are vied to take his place namely Snopp Dogg. I need to get back to this game after work… Need to winner a couple grand to get this platinum chain from Jacob the Jeweler.


X-Men: Legends… honestly I felt like I was playing the Sims with mutant powers. The geek in me loved action and hell even geek enough to play RPGs but something X-Men: Legends just didn’t sit well with me. It wasn’t story centering on Magma or the fact that Cree Summer was casted as her voice. Maybe its the fact that game writers forget that Allison Crestmere aka Amara aka Magma is Brazilian not from Jersey. Sorry… got alittle fanboy on y’all. well Overall X-Men: Legends is an alight game and I will be playing the hell outta of it, cuz hey, I’m the same muh fucka that like the Fantastic Four for PSX.

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Ah hell i hate when voice actors mess up the character. Remember back in the day With Wolvie’s austrailan accent on Spiderman & His amazing friends. Sucky!

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