Birthday Blues Pt 2

6 Days and counting…

I have absolutely nothing planned for my birthday and the fact that people are asking me “What am I doing? ” is getting tired. I figured if people really care then they should put something together. I really don’t want anything since I’m getting everything I want for myself. I be happy with a nice dinner and/or drink with friends, a Tivo and going to a titty bar. At least I got next Monday off.

I got another gift for myself from HK Flix, a great kung fu movie… Chinese Super Ninjas aka Five Element Ninjas. I was surprise it came so fast. I watched it today before I went to work. Shit definitely took me back to when my neighbor Tarik use to bring bootleg movies over or watch channel 48 on Saturday afternoons. Now I need to go and get The Five Deadly Venoms or Master of the Flying Guilliotine. Kung fu movies are probably the one thing better then porn…


I’d say Porn & kung fu flicks are equally potent in my book.
Make sure ya cop “Return of the 5 Deadly Venoms” as well.

Hey i didnt know your brithday was coming up what do u have planned, I wish i could get you something maybe I will give u a call. Holla

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