Pray For Mojo

I like to be spontaneous and do new shit in life. Depending on how drunk I am I’ll do just bout anything legal. So I up in Walmart which is problem number one. I should have my ass in Target but I digress. I was buying my toiletries like toothbrushes, face scrub, anti-persperants, astroglide and I came across shaving goods. Now I have a enough Mach 3 razors and Colgate shaving cream to last me til I die but I was intrigued but this thing called Nair for Men. Straight off the bat let me say that I’m sick and I need help cuz I bought it but it did sit in my bathroom for a week until yesterday. I had got up early and had so extra time to get ready for work. SO I look at the bottle for a good minute, trying to make sure that I’m not gonna have any rashes and or chemical burns and shit, and I get the rolling. It stunk to high heaven like an old ass can of Magic but it did what it was suppose to do. I wasn’t all hairy before, I had some body hair but not thick. Now my legs are all smooth and shit and I feel so fucked up cuz I like it… I don’t think that I would Nair my legs again the crease in my ass where my legs and ass meet itches like fuck but I will enjoy the temporary smoothness even if it is soooo gay.

I still haven’t watched Monster yet, maybe I’ll crack it open this weekend when my peeps come through, that’s if I’m off this weekend. Been so occupied with spending money this week that I need to force myself to think that I’m broke to curb my spending. Interesting thing is that my check card expires next month and I haven’t gotten a new one yet. Lets see what happens to all my reoccuring porn sites when they all crap out. Oh well… I need to go find a dark ass corner at the job so I can go scratch my itchy ass.


OMG … that was too funny … Btw … yes I’m still down here in South Florida and yes I’m lovin’ every minute of it and every minute of HIM … lol … We were gonna spend this last day on the beach (since neither of us has been in the ocean in years) but its overcast outside and that will probably wait for next visit … Anyway had a hot minute and dropped in on ur site and caught the Nair episode and that was too funny … I can jus picture u now in the bathroom with ur leg up on the toilet jus like in those Nair commercials .. ROFL … but u go gurl .. 😛

Anyway … today is my last day … I’ll be home tonite and if i see u online I’ll hit u up … PEACE


PS .. btw … did u find a safe corner to go scratch urself?? 😛

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