Loud Ass Fireworks

Every year it starts around June 20th and wont end until September. In Philly we had fire crackers and it wasn’t a big issue like it is in Indiana. Maybe its cuz fireworks are illegal in Illinois, so all along the state line and continuing east there’s nothing but signs for “Big Cheap Bombs” and “Krazy Kaplan’s.” Shit is all very tacky.

So for the last 3 weeks I’ve had to endure loud ass explosions from my white trash neighbors. Now I don’t mind fire crackers going out during the day, but at 2:30 in the morning with all the BOOM BOOM BOOM is too fucking much. These are the same muh fuckas that I can hear on my PC’s subwoofer, going on bout how their brother don’t pay the NIPSCO bill. But I digress.

My ID4 holiday wasn’t bad this year. I didn’t barbeque and I didn’t get stupid drunk either. After work on Friday, got home around 11pm and attempted to cook the oxtails. I know how to burn some food, so being able to cook my own meals ain’t an issue but I completely fucked up the oxtails. I don’t know if I didnt brown them long enough or the combination of what I put in the put was all messed up. All I know is that all that was in the pot was in the dumpster by the morning. On Saturday, I got to work and the plant got through the Run At Rate really quick which was really good. I got outta there around 5:30, headed to Walmart, and put gas in my “Hoo-ride” and went home. I figured that since I had Saturday night, Sunday and Monday off, I try to have my little gathering. But it didn’t happen only Ken and JP came. It was all good but could have been better. Saturday Ken, me, Ronette and her friend went to this party out in Hyde Park. The view was nice but the party was beyond lame. We spent 3 hours trying to leave to either hit another party or go see Spiderman 2 but as fickle and as indecisive as women are, we spend another hour waiting. Eventually me and Ken left, picked up Ken and headed to River Oaks to catch the late show of Spiderman 2. On Monday I spent all day in bed and chilled out in my draws as loud ass fireworks went off outside my windows.

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