The Whole Story

I was feeling good today. Today I realize that I’ve moved to a new place, not only literally but mentally. Today I’m ready to put my accident behind me. I know that I will have the scars for the rest of life and the hole will be a constant reminder f my fraility but I’m letting it go. I guess to truly let this go I need to tell the whole story. I’ve been avoiding in saying what happen to those who didnt see it and stopped from expressing how I feel cuz I got tired of the questions and nosey ass people and their fake sincerety. But I digress.

It was on a Friday, March 5th. Like every Friday I checked my direct deposit for my paycheck and got ready for work. I threw my jeans on and my long-sheeve Roc-a-wear shirt and headed out. On the way I stopped at CVS to get some bullshit items like mouthwash and that daily flosser and rushed to work. Everything was as normal as any Friday at the plant. Outbound/shipping was having issues in printing labels for the seats going out.

As a seat comes out of the holding bay(FGI) the shuttle(Robot) puts it on a conveyor that goes to a truck. Before its put on the conveyor a shipping label is printed out and a robot arm places it on the seat.

The problem Outbound was having was that the label printer was out of sync and just kept on spewwing out labels on the floor. I had to find a way to fix it. So I’m all over the printer, picking up labels as they fall to the floor, checking the shit out and while I’m doing this the shuttle robot is still on. Going back and forth, up and down.
Well as I’m bending over to pick up a ticket the shuttle comes right up behind and before I know it I hear this loud cracking sound. To this day I don’t know if the sound was my skull or my goggles breaking. I was screaming and yelling and I saw people run towards me. I was wide awake and thinking that this is how I was going to die. It seemed like I was gone, I saw more and more people gather around as they tried to get the shuttle off my head. When they did someone held my head to stop the bleeding, I don’t know who it was, I don’t remember see faces but only hearing voices, “U’ll be okay.” The paramedics came and took me to the hospital. The hospital was 3 blocks away and that trip was long as fuck. Honestly, I cried, I cried for my moms, I crid that I was gonna die, I cried that I so fucking stupid for not talking to my dad. I bawled so hard I went into shock. The medic calmed me down and I was in the ER. Linda from the plant had rode with me, she called my mom and she stayed by my side. My mom kept a strong guise when she got to the hospital. She didnt want to cry in front of me but I saw her do it when she left the room. I bleed alot blood and had deep lacerations. I had 3 CT scans to see how bad the damage was and I had gotten off lucky. Even though I had fracture and small hole, I had no internal bleeding, major swelling or visiable brain damage. On the outside though, I was pretty fucked up. I had a chuck of skin missing and the white meat was showing. I needed 13 stitches, 7 on the right, 6 on the left and I’m scarred for life. I had nightmares for weeks, I couldn’t close my eyes without hearing that cracking sound, I mentally broke down 3 times at work.

But I coped… I learn how to deal with the accident and learn to live for the future. And now I know that I’m a blessed person with his life ahead of him and I have so much to on this planet. SO I would like to thank everyone who was been a part of my life so far and everyone who is willing to see what life has in store for me.


Thank you for your story and I am so grateful to God that you are alive and well. I love you.

I’m glad your gonna be okay. Keep the faith and if you need to talk to somebody, I support that. Been there, done that. I’m glad you shared the whole story. I do wish you all the best and am sorry I’m not there in person to help you out.

Thank u for retelling it one more time … I still remember ur original message from the first day u got back online after the accident and I knew from the tone of the message that it was serious … I too am glad that it wasnt worse … U been a regular part of my day ever since we met and I’m eternally grateful for that … and I hope we’ll always be here to talk and shoot the shyt and whatever else … U never alone T, as long as someone loves u … and that I do 🙂

I’m so glad that you’re OK..that wasn’t anybody but God watchin over you that day. Keep yo head up..and what happened to my invite? 🙂

omg im so glad you are ok! your story is an inspiration to keep going and stay positve.

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