I’ve Gone Mini-Blind

If I didn’t already drink, I should probably start. Within the last 72 hours I’ve bought noting but crap for the apartment, from silverware to sandwich bags. I’m so tapped out right now. Yesterday since there was nothing on TV and since Ken wanted to wait til Ronette got back from New Jersey to go see Soul Plane a movie. So with nothing else to do we went to Meijer’s. It’s kinda like a Super Walmart but not as cheap and no “Edited” CDs. I spend bout $60 on mini blinds for my oddly shaped windows. I have three windows that are 57 inches squared and this wide ass glass block window in the bedroom. I guess it will be nice to have some natural light after being in a cave for 4 years.

Well I need to go sit my ass down and watch the Law & Order marathon on TNT. Since everyone is ill-communicato today and I’m home alone, its the only thing I can look forward to.

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Love the new apartment mayne!!!
The windows are really nice and the color is cool too. I like the wood…it gives it a nice nature-type look…you go boy!

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